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CLIENT: Wonder Food Trucks

LOCATION: Cranford New Jersey

DURATION: 2 years (September 2019 thru September 2021)

FLEET SIZE: 60-80 Employees each month - 200 large vans equipped with mobile kitchens

OBJECTIVE: Establish a Driver Education program that will educate and teach safe driving skills in an effort to keep employees safe, reduce accidents and tickets.


In the summer of 2020, we had the pleasure to train the C.O.R.s or Chefs on the Road at Wonder. We were hired to create the driver education program. We developed the road training course for newly hired C.O.Rs at Wonder while also creating their defensive driver theory course for their classroom portion of driver training. This was an amazing experience and challenge for team Five Star. We had to develop a training system that adapted to the turning radius, following distances, and maneuverability of Wonder’s customized sprinter vans otherwise known as their mobile kitchens. We trained over 500 Wonder drivers over the course of 2 years. This experience was huge benefit to the Five Star Driving Team. We were able to acquire knowledge, skill, and content on bigger commercial vehicles that our students will encounter on a daily basis while driving on the road.  Using this knowledge, we can guide our students on the best skills, methods, and decision making when sharing the roads with commercial vehicles such as vans and trucks.

Here are a few things we worked on:

1. Backing up with Cones


Improve confidence and skill in backing up the vans by utilizing mirrors and back up sensors properly.


1. Set 5 cones up in a straight line 6 feet apart

2. Then measure 5 feet off of the 5th cone at a 90 degree angle to create the back of the practice parking spot.


2. Head In Parking & Backing Up



Improve confidence and skill in Head-In Parking and backing straight into a spot by utilizing mirrors, camera and back up sensors properly.


1. Create Parking spot w/ cones (24ft x 10ft)

2. Then measure 24 feet out from the start of the parking spot and place a cone.

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