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Typical NJMVC Questions

The New Jersey MVC website ( has a wealth of information with regard to individual licenses and vehicle transactions. Recently, nearly all visits to NJMVC are by appointment only. Walk-up transactions are generally for:

  • New Permits: age 17+

  • First Time students who have passed the Road Test

  • Individuals with “errors” on their license, ie: incorrect name/changes/corrections and birth dates (changes to address are done on the NJMVC website)

What are the 6 points of ID I need for my permit, road test and license?

Please know your Social Security number, it is required. The documentation that you should bring with you to the NJMVC is referred to as the “6 Points of ID”, examples are:

  • Your Primary ID Document (4 pts.), Examples: Original Birth Certificate, Passport, Green Card

  • Your Secondary ID Documents (2 pts), Examples: US School Photo ID and grade transcript with proof of address

  • Your Secondary ID Documents (1 pts), Examples: Social Security Card, Bank Statement with Address, Debit/Credit Card, Health Insurance Card, Employee ID with Paystub.

  • Your Valid Permit

  • $6.00 Fee for Driver’s License

Regarding the Written Test:

My high school does not offer a theory class, can you help guide me?

We no longer offer a theory class with our driving school IF you are 15 -16 years of age you may take your written test here with us, it is free of charge when you sign up with our school. It is taken in our offices during regular business hours. We ask that you visit our website at OR which have a link to the drivers education Manual. You may also do the practice test free of charge on our website. 

I am 15 years old and I want to take a written test, may I?

YES, if you are 15/16 years of age you may take your written test here with us, it is a courtesy when you sign up. IF you are over 17 you will need to visit the DMV to obtain a Permit and take a written test with them if you did not take a written test with your high school. Please view our PRACTICE written test here.

I received a Written Test Card from my high school, when does it expire?

Great question, a written test the test card from your/our "school" expires on your 18th Birthday. If you have not passes a road test by your 18th birthday your should plan to take the written test at the NJMVC.

Regarding Lessons/Permits:

How many hours of instruction are required for a GDL Permit?

6 hours, Five Star Driving generally does 3- 2 hour lessons. IF you are over 17 years old you are not required to enroll with a driving school.

I am over 17 and want to sign up with your school, how can I get a Permit?

It is a NJ State Policy that Driving Schools are only able to facilitate obtaining permits and issuing Written and Eye Tests to 16 year old Students. Once the student reaches 17 they have "aged out" of using a Driving School for documentation and therefore the student is required to obtain a permit from the NJMVC. Therefore, you will need to present yourself at the New Jersey DMV and obtain a Permit. We urge you to visit the NJMVC website, ( to look for "open" DMV locations to obtain a permit before your visit. 

When you go to NJ MVC, you will need to present 6 points of ID and pay a small fee for your permit, and:

  1. Obtain a Permit from the NJ MVC. 

  2. Provide your  Written Test card 

  3. Take an  Eye Exam (very simple).

  4. Schedule a Road Test. 

Regarding the Road Test:

I noticed my testing site is closed due to Covid:

IF you see on the website ( that your RT facility is "closed due to Covid" disregard, Road Tests are not cancelled.

Once I pass my Road Test can I drive with my Permit?

YES, Governor Murphy signed a Bill that new Drivers who pass their road test have 60 days to obtain a license.

The NJMVC Facility where I took my RT is closed, where can I go to obtain my Driver’s License?

Rahway - 1140 Woodbridge Road

South Plainfield – 5000 Hadley Road

Edison/Kilmer – 45 Kilmer Road



Can you tell me my Road Test Date?

Sure, please check your Permit. You will need to take it from the navy pouch and open the permit up. In the middle of the lower section (in hand written print) you should see your RT location, date and time. If you do not have this information on your permit please contact our offices.

We are using our own vehicle for the Road Test, any advice?

Please make certain your driver's license, current vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance are "IN" the vehicle. Clear out litter, remove debris or any item that blocks the view of Front and Rear windows. We suggest having hand sanitizer or wipes available. Red GDL Sticker must be on your license plates. We provided you a set with your permit. Additional GDL decals are available from our offices for $4.00/set. 

I cannot remember how you taught me to parallel park?

No problem, visit our website and watch our video’s on parallel parking.

I failed my road test how do I reschedule?

If you plan to use Five Star Driving School, please call offices for availability. You will need to wait until the day after your initial road test. Log onto NJMVC website (  Search "schedule a Road Test" You will then enter your 16 digit License # (top left corner begins with 1st letter of your last name). THEN locate your validation number, usually on the bottom of the permit, written in "hand" and is a 5 digit number, often found inside a "stamped" ink box, Please select RT location (Randolph or Rahway) and select your preferred date and time. Please make certain that you select the Confirm Appointment Icon! 

Regarding Covid-19:

Are your offices and vehicles COVID Friendly? I’m worried that I am not 6ft apart from the instructor while driving.

Yes, Covid is a concern. Our staff is wearing masks, cleaning vehicles, (and offices) between students. We drive with windows open and masks on. The same protocol will be done while you are with the NJMVC Examiners at your road test. 

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