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After payment is received, you will be contacted within 5 days to schedule your lessons. Prior to scheduling, we will email you a New Student Lesson Preference Sheet that you must fill out and submit back to us. 


16 Year Old Students, you must pass the knowledge exam before first lesson, you can take the exam at one of our offices if needed. Additionally, you will need to bring the following into our offices at least 2 weeks prior to first lesson: 

  1. Original Social Security Card (please have it signed),

  2. Original Birth Certificate or valid Passport (please bring whichever you are comfortable leaving with us for a short while through the process. All ID documents will be returned promptly with the validated permit after the last lesson)

  3. Knowledge exam card (if taken already) If you wish you may take it with us. 

  4. Parent or guardian’s signature.


17 Year & Older Students, must have nj permit in order to register for lessons.

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